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- Deli Cheese & Biscuits Box (for 4-6) -

Deli Cheese & Biscuits Box (for 4-6)

An Ardardan Cheese Experience in a box.  We have chosen a great selection of cheeses of different styles, flavours, texture and strength (the surprise is the best bit!)

Ideal for 4/6 cheese lovers to enjoy for a super tasty cheeseboard.

Cheese Tasting boxes include:

  • 5 cheeses (appr. 800g in total) (including different styles of cheese that are perfect and ripe)
  • Fig Jelly
  • A wee pot of chutney
  • 1 pack of biscuits for cheese

Cheese treats are made to order and will be ready to collect on your chosen day from 11am-5pm.

To make sure we get your order just right orders must be placed a few days before collection please.


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